SPIDR - Space Physics Interactive Data Resource


Program Description: The Space Physics Interactive Data Resource (SPIDR) is a distributed network of synchronous databases and application servers designed to allow a space weather modeling and prediction customer or application to intelligently access and manage historical space physics data for integration with virtual environment models and real-time space weather forecasts. Each SPIDR server resides at a parallel computer cluster and provides fuzzy logic based data mining for space weather events. The system is designed to allow a user or a software client to specify desired spatial, temporal, and parameter conditions in fuzzy linguistic and/or numeric terms and to receive a ranked list of events best matching the desired conditions in the historical archive. Once discovered, the client can request dynamical temporal and spatial visualization using a set of communicating Java applets, browse the archive of Sun and Earth satellite images, and request delivery of the data formatted for inclusion in model runs. Each SPIDR server has a database management interface, which allows data updates performed either by a local user or by another SPIDR server from the Net. The servers communicate to each other for scheduled mirroring of the data and software. Algorithmic and programming patterns developed and utilized in SPIDR are general enough to be used in other Internet-based scientific data mining and visualization systems.

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Project Domains: Geosciences

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