SAGE - Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment

Program Description: The Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) is software (middleware) that runs on a very large tile display screen. Users can specify a data source and window location, providing great flexibility in how and what to integrate on one very large screen. One very large set of users is the CineGrid community which is a worldwide collaboration. The annual CineGrid conference gathers people with an interest in streaming 4K and 8K media. Projects range from “how do I stream movies?” to distributed digital film production; and techniques such as how to ship orchestra quality sound with full metadata and sync it to a movie. These can’t be done on the commodity internet. For science, SAGE Pushes Large Hadron Collider and very high animations to collaborators and supports high definition video teleconferencing. Virtual simulations are pushed over the network from supercomputer centers to chemists, physicists, etc.; for example, chemists doing multi-million atom simulation on computers can see these on a SAGE screen. In the future, NASA may want to look at climate data coming from NCAR and compare to simulation data from Europe.

Organization Description: Users are around the globe and use GLIF network facilities.

Data Description: Use is restricted internationally to 10 Gbs – but Chicago to Canada has been demonstrated 100 Gbs.

Project Type: Collaboration

Project Domains: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

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Federal Funding: NSF

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