ONeDL - Open Network Of Digital Libraries

Program Description: The Open Network of Digital Libraries (ONeDL) (or RABiD, after its Spanish initials) integrates and consolidates efforts of CUDI (Mexican R&E network) members to promote federated access to their collections and services. Working with Texas A&M University Libraries, RABiD engages 12 universities across Mexico. Through its Mexico City Center, the Libraries of Texas A&M University make their aerial scanning equipment available to all network members interested in digitizing ancient books and archives.

Organization Description: In operation This is a crosscutting application and involves collaborations with both the United States and Brazil.

Data Description: Researchers require occasional large file transfer, interactive services and real-time remote research equipment manipulation at speeds between 100 Mpbs to 1 Gbps.

Project Type: Collaboration

Project Domains: Library

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