NutNet - The Nutrient Network

Program Description: Two of the most pervasive human impacts on ecosystems are alteration of global nutrient budgets and changes in the abundance and identity of consumers. Fossil fuel combustion and agricultural fertilization have doubled and quintupled, respectively, global pools of nitrogen and phosphorus relative to pre-industrial levels. Concurrently, habitat loss and degradation and selective hunting and fishing disproportionately remove consumers from food webs. At the same time, humans are adding consumers to food webs for endpoints such as conservation, recreation, and agriculture, as well as accidental introductions of invasive consumer species. In spite of the global impacts of these human activities, there have been no globally coordinated experiments to quantify the general impacts on ecological systems. The Nutrient Network (NutNet) is a grassroots research effort to address these questions within a coordinated research network comprised of more than 40 grassland sites worldwide.

Organization Description: NutNet membership is open to ecologists who are committed to either initiating a new NutNet node, collaborating with researchers at an existing network site, or furthering the network goals in other substantive ways. Participating sites include Argentina, Australia, China, Finland, India, Tanzania and Zambia.

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Project Domains: Biological Sciences

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