MWA - Murchison Widefield Array

Program Description: The Murchison Widefi eld Array (MWA) is a low-frequency radio telescope located at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) in Western Australia, the planned site of the future Square Kilometre Array ( SKA ) lowband telescope, and is one of three telescopes designated as a Precursor for the SKA. The MWA consists of 2048 dual-polarization dipole antennas optimized for the 80-300 MHz frequency range, arranged as 128 "tiles", each a 4x4 array of dipoles.

Organization Description: The MWA has been developed by an international collaboration, including partners from Australia, India, New Zealand, and the United States.

Data Description: The purpose of the imaging pipeline is to produce images of the sky each 8 seconds ("snapshots") in both instrumental and Stokes coordinates, and to correct for the distorting effects of the ionosphere. Corrected images are suitable for averaging over long periods of time, and long (approximately 10 minutes) integrations are accumulated and stored. Data is stored in the HEALPIX format. Tier 0, co-located with the telescope at the Murchison Radio-telescope Observatory (MRO), consists of Online Processing and Online Archive. Tier 1 (Perth, a city 700 km south of MRO), Long-term Archive (LTA) periodically ingests visibility data stream from Online Archive 10Gbps fibre optic link which is a part of the National Broadband Network (NBN) Australia. An additional copy of the data at LTA can be migrated onto Offline Processing on a separate system in Perth for running compute jobs such as calibration and imaging. Tier 2 currently has two Mirrored Archives — one is at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and the other resides in Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), New Zealand.

Project Type: Instrument

Project Domains: Math and Physical Sciences

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Program Data

Location Lat/Lon Coordinates Location Type Data Type Data Generation Single Data Instance Size (TB) Estimated Daily Data Size (GB) Estimated Annual Data Size (PB) Average Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Maximum Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Online Repository Size (PB) Total Repository Size (PB) Delay Tolerance (minutes) Jitter Sensitive? Uses the Cloud?
Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, Western Australia, Australia -26.6853,116.6318 Instrument Instrument Realtime 1.00 1.00 1.00 - -
Perth, Australia, Australia -31.9535,115.857 Data Repository Data Realtime 1.00 10.00 1.00 - No
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Tier 2 Archive), United States 36.3659,140.4712 Data Repository Data Scheduled 1.00 1.00 1.00 - No
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Tier 2 Archive), New Zealand -41.2904,174.7687 Data Repository Data Scheduled 1.00 1.00 - No