LAMOST - Large Sky Area Multi Object Spectroscope Telescope

Program Description: The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST), as one of the National Major Scientific Projects undertaken by the Chinese Academy of Science, is a special quasi-meridian reflecting Schmidt telescope located in Xinglong Station of national Astronomical Observatory, China. LAMOST survey contains two main parts: the LAMOST ExtraGAlactic Survey (LEGAS), and the LAMOST Experiment for Galactic Understanding and Exploration (LEGUE) survey of Milky Way stellar structure. The optical spectrum contains abundant physical information of distant celestial objects, and acquiring spectra of a large number of celestial objects is desperately needed in astronomy, which touches various cutting-edge researches of contemporary astronomy and astrophysics.

Year Started: 2001.

Organization Description: Funded by the Chinese Academy of Science, and open to the astronomy community.

Data Description: LAMOST has 32 CCD cameras. CCD chip is scientific CCD sensor with 4096×4136 active pixels. There is a red brand CCD camera and a blue band CCD camera for each spectrograph. They can read out image with a very low readout noise by two output channels for each chip. With a speed of 200Kpix/s, CCD cameras can read out a full image in 40 seconds. LAMOST will obtain up to ten-thousands of spectra per night and the data volume will be several gigabytes. CCD raw images, which are fed to the 2-dimension (2D) Reduction Pipeline to be processed and extracted to 1-dimension (1D) spectra. The output of the 2D pipeline is extracted and calibrated 1D spectrum in the form of FITS file for each target. These 1D spectra is stored into hard disk array managed by a storage management server and indexed by a database system.

Project Type: Instrument

Project Domains: Math and Physical Sciences

No budget information

International Funding: NAOC

Program Data

Location Lat/Lon Coordinates Location Type Data Type Data Generation Single Data Instance Size (TB) Estimated Daily Data Size (GB) Estimated Annual Data Size (PB) Average Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Maximum Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Online Repository Size (PB) Total Repository Size (PB) Delay Tolerance (minutes) Jitter Sensitive? Uses the Cloud?
National Astronomical Observatory, China., China 40.0043,116.385 Not Specified Instrument Realtime 10.00 - No
National Astronomical Observatory, China., China 40.0043,116.385 Data Repository HD movies On demand - No