GODAN - Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition


Program Description: The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative seeks to support global efforts to make agricultural and nutritionally relevant data available, accessible, and usable for unrestricted use worldwide. The initiative focuses on building high-level policy and public and private institutional support for open data. The initiative encourages collaboration and cooperation among existing agriculture and open data activities, without duplication, and brings together all stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems.

Year Started: 2013.

Organization Description: N/A

Data Description: With a focus on open data for agriculture and nutrition, the initiative seeks to: * advocate for new and existing open data initiatives to set a core focus on agriculture and nutrition data; * encourage the agreement on and release of a common set of agricultural and nutrition data; * by increasing widespread awareness of ongoing activities, innovations, and good practices; * advocate for collaborative efforts on future agriculture and nutrition open data endeavors; and, * advocate programs, good practices, and lessons learned that enable the use of open data particularly by and for the rural and urban poor.

Project Type: Collaboration

Project Domains: Biological Sciences

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Federal Funding: USDA

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