EDGE - LEGO Engineering Design Group Educators


Program Description: LEGO Engineering Design Group Educators (EDGE) currently consists of about 20 innovative educators with a passion for LEGO robotics that have been selected to provide advice about the content and structure of this site, as well as come up with new ideas to help and inspire other teachers and students.

Organization Description: EDGE consists of diverse ranges of backgrounds, and group members work with learners from as young as 3 years old through to adults. Present and past EDGE groups included teachers, after-school program coordinators, professional development providers, engineers, and more. The EDGE has included members from Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UK, and Venezuela! The web site is used by thousands of teachers

Data Description: The LEGO Education website offers detailed information about the different robotics kits, including the EV3, and provides support to help teachers get started.

Project Type: Education

Project Domains: Engineering

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