EarthCube - EarthCube

Program Description: EarthCube aims to transform the conduct of research through the development of community-guided cyberinfrastructure to integrate information and data across the geosciences. In September 2013, the NSF announced $14.5 million in funding for initial software components development for EarthCube (‘Building Blocks'), projects to develop broad architecture design white papers (‘Conceptual Designs’), and Research Coordination Networks (RCNs) to advance community- building exemplars in the paleogeosciences, field data collection, and experimental sedimentary processes, as well as to help these communities move forward to prioritize specific software development projects to engage with EarthCube. A single project to develop and test a prototype governance framework for EarthCube was also funded.

Organization Description: EarthCube is a collaboration between the U.S. National Science Foundation and Earth, atmosphere, ocean, computer, information, and social scientists, educators, data managers, and more.

Data Description: N/A

Project Type: Collaboration

Project Domains: Geosciences

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Federal Funding: NSF

Program Data

Location Lat/Lon Coordinates Location Type Data Type Data Generation Single Data Instance Size (TB) Estimated Daily Data Size (GB) Estimated Annual Data Size (PB) Average Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Maximum Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Online Repository Size (PB) Total Repository Size (PB) Delay Tolerance (minutes) Jitter Sensitive? Uses the Cloud?
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