CSDMS - Community Earth Modeling System


Program Description: The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) deals with the Earth's surface - the ever-changing, dynamic interface between lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and atmosphere. It is a diverse community of experts promoting the modeling of earth surface processes by developing, supporting, and disseminating integrated software modules that predict the movement of fluids, and the flux (production, erosion, transport, and deposition) of sediment and solutes in landscapes and their sedimentary basins. CSDMS is a community of earth surface process modelers; CSDMS provides open-access to numerical models, maintains data for modelers and educational resources on earth science modeling for teachers, provides computing resources for members, offers help in advanced model coupling, and is a platform of discussion for earth science research. Access to a sophisticated modeling architecture, data systems, and high performance computing is available.

Organization Description: There are currently more than 1100 CSDMS members, from countries in every continent.

Data Description: Community modeling involves the collective efforts of individuals that code, debug, test, document, run, and apply models and modeling frameworks. Community modeling relies on open-source code to address the practical need of contributing developers to examine and modify the code. Open-source code provides complete information transfer. This transparency is important because code is the ultimate statement of the scientific hypotheses embodied in a numerical model, and their implementation. Tools provided include a web modeling tool that allows users to build and run coupled surface dynamics models on a high performance computer system.

Project Type: Model Repository

Project Domains: Geosciences

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Federal Funding: NSF

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