CoopEUS - COOPEUS - Connecting Research Infrastructures

Program Description: The COOPEUS project will bring together scientists and users being involved in Europe’s major environmental related research infrastructure projects, i.e. EISCAT, EPOS, LifeWATCH, EMSO, and ICOS, with their US counterparts that are responsible for the NSF funded projects AMISR, EARTHSCOPE, DataONE, OOI and NEON. The intention is that by interlinking these activities new synergies are generated that will stimulate the creation of a truly global integration of existing infrastructures. The key of this integration process will be the efficient access to and the open sharing of data and information produced by the environmental research infrastructures. This important crosscutting infrastructure category is subject to rapid changes, driven almost entirely outside the field of environmental sciences. Trends in this area include growing collaborations between computer and environmental scientists, leading to the emergence of a new class of scientific activity structured around networked access to observational information. Therefore links to running projects like ENVRI in Europe or EARTHCUBE in the US who are developing relevant architectures are indispensable. The COOPEUS project will serve as a testbed for new standards and methods.

Year Started: 2012.

Organization Description: Europe and the US.

Data Description: Promotes and verifies standards for cross-disciplinary data exchange

Project Type: Collaboration

Project Domains: Geosciences

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Federal Funding: NSF

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