CLARIN - Common LAnguage Resources and Technology INfrastructure.

Program Description: CLARIN offers access to language data, tools to work with the data, and expertise about (research on and with) such resources. Several services and tools can be used online even without downloading the data. This is achieved by several components or services, such as the CLARIN Portal, discovery tools, federated identity, virtual collections, persistent identifiers, workspaces, online tool chains, etc., and many more individual services at the many CLARIN centres. By integrating existing and new valuable language resources into the CLARIN infrastructure, CLARIN provides easy and direct access to such resources and expertise. The main means to do so are central services such as the CLARIN portal. Most of CLARIN's work and CLARIN's offers, however, are located at the many CLARIN centres across and even outside Europe. Most local CLARIN centers function as archives and data repositories. Usually the centers offer to support research projects from their planning on, helping for instance with the development of a data management plan.

Organization Description: CLARIN ERIC is the consortium of countries and intergovernmental organisations which participate in and contribute to CLARIN. The central CLARIN Office coordinates the CLARIN activities in the participating countries and associated centres. ERIC stands for "European Research Infrastructure Consortium"; it is a new European legal type of entity created exactly for transnational research infrastructures. A list of certified centers can be found here:

Data Description: In order to be useful (findable, identifiable, usable), digital data needs to be described by metadata. There are many different needs and formats for metadata in different fields of research. CLARIN develops and promotes a metadata standard that allows for accommodating very different needs in a unified framework, called the component metadata infrastructure, CMDI.

Project Type: Collaboration

Project Domains: Humanities, Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

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