BGI - B.G.I.

Program Description: Formerly known as the Beijing Genomics Institute, B.G.I. formed in 1999 and currently has 4000 scientist employees located in Shenzhen, China and has recently opened business offices in Boston, MA and Copenhagen, Denmark. With a hundred and seventy-eight sequencing machines, B.G.I. produces at least a quarter of the world’s genomic data and is for this reason included in this list. B.G.I. has purchased 130 Illumina sequencers and recently purchased Illumina’s main competitor, Complete Genomics. Due to factors including the difficulty in obtaining permission to pass data out of the People’s Republic of China over a network, US scientists sending their samples to BGI for sequencing and analysis rely on FEDEX delivery of both samples and the results on hard disks.

Year Started: 2000.

Organization Description: Biological scientists from around the world

Data Description: Little to no current use of the network -- Fedex type delivery.

Project Type: Data Repository and Analysis

Project Domains: Biological Sciences

No budget information

International Funding: BGI

Program Data

Location Lat/Lon Coordinates Location Type Data Type Data Generation Single Data Instance Size (TB) Estimated Daily Data Size (GB) Estimated Annual Data Size (PB) Average Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Maximum Sustained Throughput (Gbps) Online Repository Size (PB) Total Repository Size (PB) Delay Tolerance (minutes) Jitter Sensitive? Uses the Cloud?
Shenzhen, China, China 22.54,114.06 Data Repository and Analysis Data Not Specified 9.00 3120.00 0.75 7.50 7.50 - -
Hong Kong, China, China 22.4,114.11 Data Repository and Analysis Data Not Specified 9.00 3120.00 0.75 7.50 7.50 - -