Catalog of International Big Data Science Programs

The National Science Foundation supports U.S. international science policy and provides core cyberinfrastructure through the International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program. The annual investment is in the neighborhood of $7M/year and provides international network services supporting U.S. research, scholarship and collaboration. The IRNC networks support unique scientific and education application requirements that are not met by services across arbitrary commercial backbones. Examples of such requirements include hybrid network services; low latency and real time services, and end-to-end performance management. In this regard, the IRNC extends the fabric of campus, regional, and national R&E networks across oceans and continents, a web of connections built in collaboration with international partner R&E networks that serve the growing number of international scientific collaborations.

Given the rapid growth of data driven science, new instrumentation, and multi-disciplinary collaboration, NSF funded a study to predict the flow of data over the international networks in the year 2020. One method used for this study was to create a catalog of international science programs producing and sharing "Big Data"; results of that study are recorded in this web site.

You are invited to improve the accuracy and utility of this site by adding your international project or adding/correcting current entries. Simply follow the instructions under "Contribute" to do so. Suggestions for improving the site, including alternate visualizations of the data, are most welcome. Contact Jill Gemmill (gemmill AT Clemson DOT edu).